Artists & Presenters

Meet the artists and presenters igniting a day of keynotes, panels, networking and workshops. They’ll be brainstorming solutions and sharing ideas that impact our community for good.

Kari armbruster  knowme   january 06  2015

Kari Armbruster

Food Innovation, Source Reduction, Waste Prevention, Corporate Affairs

Kari Armbruster is a project manager supporting Kroger’s social impact plan Zero Hunger Zero Waste. Armbruster is committed to sourcing Kroger’s resources and thought leadership towards meeting the needs of the world’s population in a post disposable way. She also works daily leading people towards a sustainable future anchored by zero hunger and zero waste.

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Branding, Public Art, Design

From public art to corporate branding, the creative studio BLDG connects communities, consumers and innovative corporations via art, branding and design services. Led by a diverse team of creators and three devoted pooches, Covington-based BLDG sources its innovative workspace, equal parts gallery, print shop and design agency, for an inspirational interpretation of a design agency.

Dr b sitting at desk

Kelly Beischel

Life Coaching, Positive Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Education, Wellness

As an experienced nursing professor and positive psychology life coach, Kelly Beischel creates, lives and works in the intersection of business building, creativity and holistic wellbeing to help people perform at their best under pressure. Beischel continues to build her coaching consultancy Dr. B Presents while introducing the concepts of positive psychology to the business and life coaching market.

Karen boyhen

Karen Boyhen

Visual Communications, Editorial Illustration, Creative Direction

Karen Boyhen is an experienced visual communications professional with a focus on editorial illustration. She sources collages, sketchbook drawings and mixed media to create engaging and exciting work for a variety of clients from art directors to publishers. Boyhen is also the Creative Director of Visionaries + Voices, an inclusive arts organization providing representation and professional development to artists with and without developmental disabilities.

Rosalind bush

Rosalind Bush

Drawing, Mixed Media

Rosalind “Ros” Bush is a graduate of the teaching artist program at Visionaries + Voices, an inclusive arts organization providing representation and professional development to artists with and without developmental disabilities. In addition to speaking, teaching and building visual art lesson plans, Bush draws inspiration from classical antiquity to create figurative paintings and life-size, papier mache sculptures.

Andy cluxton bldg

Andy Cluxton

Communications Strategy

Andy Cluxton leads the BLDG team of copious creatives with a fresh perspective on creative and business strategy for the growing firm as Director of Communications Strategy. He earned his journalism degree from Ohio University. At BLDG, Andy builds a foundation of innovative, verbal solutions that harmonize with the agency’s visual communicators. Not only does Andy write and analyze strategy, but he’s also a drummer in the band automagik along with Zach Evans, Creative Director at BLDG. Andy finds that his familiarity with keeping the rhythm translates into his writing skills, and he sustains that rhythm with his straightforward writing style.

Courttney cooper

Courttney Cooper

Map Art, Visual Art

Courttney Cooper is a Cincinnati-based artist known for detailed maps made with everyday materials including Bic pen and repurposed paper. Cooper exhibits his work throughout the U.S. Midwest including The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art in Chicago, The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft and Cincinnati Art Museum. Cooper work at the studios of Visionaries + Voices, an inclusive arts organization providing representation and professional development to artists with and without developmental disabilities.

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April Culbreath

Wellness, Education, Fashion, Interior Design

April Culbreath is a former combat medic in the U.S. Army; trained fashion designer and merchandiser as well as proprietor of a retail and upholstery business in Cincinnati’s Woodburn Avenue shopping district. Culbreath also helps veterans experiencing PTSD and homelessness by teaching them how to reupholster and repair furniture via her People’s Liberty project Operation Comfy Chair Drop.

Geoffrey skip cullen

Geoffrey "Skip" Cullen

Conceptual Art, Economic Systems, Geometric Formalism

Geoffrey “Skip” Cullen is a conceptual artist working in Cincinnati. He’s the Exhibitions Director for Visionaries + Voices, a Non-Profit creating an inclusive arts community for artists with and without developmental disabilities. Skip is a member of the artist collective Slapface, a co-founder of Adobe Books and Arts Cooperative in San Francisco, and Wave Pool, a Camp Washington-located arts center and community space pairing communities’ knowledge of their needs with artists’ sense of possibility.

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Cal Cullen

Multimedia Art, Creative Placemaking, Arts Management

Cal Cullen is a Multimedia Artist and Founder/Executive Director of Wave Pool, a Camp Washington-located arts center and community space. As the director of a growing arts center, Cullen works to be a stronger ally, friend and partner to artists, creators and entrepreneurs throughout Greater Cincinnati. As a working artist, Cullen builds and designs multimedia projects with one clear goal: making Cincinnati better through creative expression.

Dave curtain food forest

David Curtain

social enterprise, food access, grocery ecommerce

David Curtain is Founder of Food Forest, a social enterprise re-engineering the food value chain to improve food access in high need areas via online grocery. In order to grow Food Forest, Curtain sources his experience as Digital Controller at Kroger as well as thought leadership in grocery ecommerce including curbside, delivery and shipping.

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Community, Politics, Public Service, Technology

Tina Dyehouse is a dispute resolution professional; experienced government employee and former People’s Liberty grantee. She’s the creative force behind City Ombudsman, a digital platform for problem solving quality-of-life issues. Via City Ombudsman, Dyehouse continues to transform the classic ombudsman model from a sole, public official into a connected community sharing access, feedback and information in support of key, city services.


Rita David

Leadership Coaching, New Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Education, Innovation

Rita David is a leadership coach; experienced analyst in corporate supply chains as well as building supply chains in support of new product development. She’s also the CEO and Co-founder of innoVationGirls, a tech startup empowering young girls by building a marketing service around their unique insights. Via innoVationGirls, David continues to source her business leadership skills with a commitment to make an impact for good. The results are a unique civic tech startup that ignites and sustains the innovative skills and business potential of young women between the ages of 7 and 17 while providing valuable insights and marketing research to business customers.

Curtis davis

Curtis Davis

Abstraction, Visual Art

Curtis Davis is a visual artist working in Cincinnati. His work makes stunning use of subjects abstracted to the simplest of shapes as well as thick layers of paint. Davis builds his growing body of work at the studios of Visionaries + Voices, an inclusive arts organization providing representation and professional development to artists with and without developmental disabilities.

Sean c davis 2018

Sean C Davis

Podcasting, Storytelling, Music, Web Design

Sean C Davis identifies the starting point of his development career at the marketing technology department of Messer Construction. His interest in web design and development consistently ignites multiple side projects and these side projects have led to staff positions at various agencies including Topic Design and Ample. Davis polishes his skills for interactive storytelling via the podcast Squirrel Stories, combining live music, live storytelling by guests and an energetic crowd at a favorite bar.

Rachel desrochers 2 gd 3.16.19

Rachel Desrochers

Entrepreneurship, Podcasting, Food Innovation

Rachel Desrochers is a repeat entrepreneur as founder and chief gratitude officer of Grateful Grahams, an artisanal graham cracker company, and Incubator Kitchen Collective, a network of shared kitchen spaces for food entrepreneurs. Desrochers chooses the title chief gratitude officer purposefully. It’s a way to communicate her values of big dreams, hard work and gratitude via her growing businesses as well as her podcast Kitchen Convos.

Nick dew bldg

Nick Dew

Design, Creative Direction

As the Creative Director at BLDG, Nick has been tasked with navigating the team’s horizontal and internal structures, and leading the team of designers for clients Everything But the House, Sotto, and The Cincinnati Riding or Walking Network, aka The Crown to name a few. He earned his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from NKU, but his passion lies in his love design and the work that BLDG produces. On a day-to-day basis, Nick might be doing anything from meeting with digital designers, managing egos, instructing younger designers, making clients feel comfortable, and toiling all night on projects. He is a professional of foresight and a master of switching gears.

Whitney dixon

Whitney Dixon

Graphic Design, Visual Art, Illustration

Whitney Dixon is a graphic artist and founder of the creative agency Pixxel Designs. As a member of the Creating a Culture of Innovation team, Dixon is providing design services including brand image and logo .

John elleman gd 3.16.19

John Elleman

Design, Photography, Printing Coordination

John Elleman is an experienced art director and technical designer in the consumer packaged goods industry providing design, photography and printing coordination services in support of major brands. His collaborative process involves fluid brand building and creative work with clients, design and production teams in support of corporate clients including Kroger, P&G and SC Johnson. Via his diverse client work, Elleman continues to hone leadership skills for directing the design process from concept through development to final packaging.

Rachel felous

Rachel Felous

Eco Activism, Zero Waste, Storytelling

Rachel Felous is founder and CEO of Simply Zero, a platform for paving the future of low impact living through education, community advocacy and conscious consumerism. She’s also an activist, storyteller and eco-influencer establishing Cincinnati as a hub for sustainability and zero waste initiatives. Felous believes that every one of us has the capability of creating positive change in the world through the choices we make and the dollars we spend. Felous holds degrees in Business and Environmental Science from the University of Southern California and a Master of Conservation from University College London. Her work has been featured by Marie Kondo and National Geographic and recognized via a Leader in Sustainability award from the City of Cincinnati.

Ramsey ford gd jpg

Ramsey Ford

Product Design, Education, Community Organizing, Non-profit Design, Product Management

Ramsey Ford is a 360-degree creator sharing ideas and inspiration as a visiting professor at the University of Cincinnati and the founder of a design consultancy. He’s a design director at Design Impact, a social innovation nonprofit using creativity to impact change for good and solve complicated social problems. Via Design Impact, Ford continues to build core creative beliefs in support of community organizing, entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

Headshot gellin

Matthew David Gellin

Community, Performance, Theatre

Matthew David Gellin; mastermind behind the November 2018 performance takeover of the Cincinnati Bell Connector (T2: Transit Theatre); is a theatre researcher, practitioner and founder of American Legacy Theatre (A.L.T.) - theatre for social change. While breaking and reimagining many conventions, A.L.T. provides professional theatre that’s accessible, affordable, relevant and exciting for people of all voices. Matthew is a former USA delegate of UNESCO ITI Research Lab and is an IACE Promising Artist of the 21st Century.

Kaia goodwin 1

Kaia Goodwin

Health, Wellness, Community

Kaia Goodwin is founder of herbal education company, abndnce, which creates seasonally-based workshops and events focused on interactive and hands-on learning. Whether through constructing modular gardens or creating holistic care products, Goodwin uses locally sourced plants and herbs to help everyday people connect with nature through growing and/or utilizing fresh, regional produce no matter the size of their urban footprint. In 2017, Goodwin received a People’s Liberty project grant for her original concept, The Abundance Box. Via abndnce, Goodwin is igniting community health by reducing food deserts. Visit to learn more

Jeremy gotwals

Jeremy Gotwals

Publishing, Branding, Design, Community Building

Jeremy Gotwals is a publisher, entrepreneur and musician who has appeared on MTV, American Idol, and has opened for diverse celebrities from the Dalai Lama to John Mellencamp. As Founder of Holon Publishing, a boutique publishing company, and Geronimo, a marketing and branding consultancy, Gotwals taps his unique, creative life to help authors, startups, non-profits, and brands of all sizes tell their stories with creativity, joy, enthusiasm and verve.

Steven hampton headshot

Steve Hampton

Architecture, Master Planning, Neighborhood Activism, Tourism

Steve Hampton is Executive Director of the non-profit Brewery District Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (Brewery District CURC). A registered architect, he has overseen the preservation of Cincinnati’s brewing heritage and the growth and redevelopment of the Brewery District via master planning, neighborhood activism, and developing heritage tourism projects like the Brewing Heritage Trail.

Dustin herrmann

Dustin Herrmann

Ecology Education, Systems Ecology, Sustainability

Dustin Herrmann, PhD, is a research scientist specializing in systems ecology and sustainability and an adjunct assistant professor in the Environmental Studies program at the University of Cincinnati. Dustin, aka Rust Belt Ecology, maintains a focus in his work on imagining and creating just, desirable and sustainable futures, particularly for cities of the U.S. Midwest.

Tory keith

Tory Keith

Printmaking, Video Art, Time Media

Tory Keith is a printmaker, illustrator and video artist working in Cincinnati. Keith is a studio monitor at Tiger Lilly Press, a non-profit printmaking coop. She’s also Northside Studio Director for Visionaries + Voices, an inclusive arts organization providing representation and professional development to artists with and without developmental disabilities.

Erin kessen headshot

Erin Kessen

Branding, Environmental Graphic Design, Digital Design

Erin Kessen is a Senior Graphic Designer in the hospitality studio at NELSON providing a diverse range of work in branding, digital and environmental graphic design. She sources a healthy balance of creative conceptual work and strategic problem solving to impact NELSON clients including Hilton, Hampton and Hilton Garden Inn. Kessen also draws from a creative life including daily walks across the Roebling Bridge; as well as challenging quilting, sewing and baking projects to bring fresh perspectives and energy to her team. .


Jenny Lohmann

Wasted Food Prevention, Sustainability, Recycling

Jenny Lohmann is a Programs Specialist and Wasted Food Prevention Expert at The Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District as well as Co-chair of Green Umbrella’s Waste Reduction Action Team. Working to reduce material going into landfills through prevention, recovery and recycling, Lohmann creates and teaches curriculum to inspire area businesses and residents to embrace sustainability and treat every day like Earth Day.

Jeffrey miller   last mile food rescue

Jeffrey Miller

Food Innovation, Brand Strategy, Culinary , Hospitality

Jeffrey Miller is a repeat entrepreneur dedicated to reducing food waste via his initiatives Last Mile Food Rescue, Fourth Harvest and Epicure Cincinnati. He’s a former People’s Liberty grantee and recipient of a Cincy Green Umbrella ‘Save the Food’ grant. Through his multiple startups, Miller combines his consumer packed goods marketing experience with culinary training and a hospitality management background. His goal is to help people experiencing food insecurity while reducing the volume of food waste being landfilled.

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Architecture, Branding, Design, Master Planning

Award-winning work in architecture and strategic design make the team members of FRCH NELSON sought after thought leaders in the areas of architecture, branding, design and master planning. Via a growing, global network including an office in Cincinnati, FRCH NELSON creates innovative environments in diverse sectors from retail to restaurants and higher education to hospitality. Their aim is to help valued customers grow and connect their communities around the world.


Michaela Oldfield

Food Law, Organic Waste Collection, Community Agriculture, Food Access

Michaela Oldfield, J.D., Ph.D., is Director, Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council, at Green Umbrella. She’s director of action teams focused on multiple initiatives including healthy food access, urban ag zoning, neighborhood organic waste collection and water access. A former Global Food Law Research Fellow, Oldfield combines her experiences in community agriculture education and food law in support of sustainability policy at Green Umbrella.

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Morgan Owens

Entrepreneurship, Startups, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Diversity, Inclusion

Morgan Owens is an experienced marketer, repeat entrepreneur and passionate creator helping young women entrepreneurs build their communities of advocates and successfully launch their businesses. After corporate chapters in healthcare and higher education, Owens ignites future entrepreneurs as an author, motivational speaker, and communications strategist via her consultancy, Morgan A Owens Brand.

Dominique peebles

Domonique Peebles

Food Innovation, Community, Health, Wellness

Working to ensure that every Greater Cincinnati resident has access to fresh and healthy produce, Domonique Peebles transforms underused, urban spaces into vibrant agriculture plots via his food innovation enterprise Brick Gardens. His lofty goal is the elimination of food deserts throughout Greater Cincinnati and beyond.

Marlene rounds

Marlene Rounds

Photography, Fashion, Media, Design, Creativity

Marlene Rounds is a Cincinnati-based photographer working with some of the world’s most recognizable luxury brands including Diane Von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Calvin Klein Home, MAC Cosmetics and Gilt Groupe. She continues to draw inspiration from an early career chapter assisting influential industry professionals like Chris Buck, Larry Fink and Dan Saelinger to maintain a commitment to excellence throughout every aspect of her photographic productions. Rounds’ goal is to source her attention to detail and curiosity for subjects to support the growing, creative renaissance of Cincinnati.

G sparough photo

Geralyn Sparough

Fiber Art, Program Design, Wellness, Education

Geralyn Sparough is a fiber artist, organizational facilitator, program designer and former People’s Liberty grantee. She’s the curriculum development director at The Hive; a creative space dedicated to mindful education and wellness; and creator of Shelter from the Storm; a public art installation that connects communities via interactive weaving. Inspired by the growing Shelter from the Storm community , Sparough continues to merge fiber art, education and society into a platform for a healthy social fabric.

Tamia stinson people s liberty

Tamia Stinson

Creative Director, Stylist, Marketer

Tamia Stinson is the founder of Tether, a community and talent agency for creative image-makers. An experienced stylist, creative director and former grantee of People’s Liberty, a Cincinnati-based Philanthropic Lab, Stinson is also founder of Creative City, a podcast focused on Cincinnati’s creative class.

Bill tucker2

Bill Tucker

Consulting, Leadership Coaching, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Non-profit Feasibility Assessments

Bill Tucker is an experienced business consultant with a laser focus on non-profits. He’s executive director and senior advisor at Flywheel Social Enterprise Hub, a Cincinnati-based, social enterprise non-profit managing an incubator program and providing consulting services to other non-profits and social enterprise startups. Through a portfolio of consulting services including leadership coaching, strategic planning, business planning and feasibility assessments, Tucker hones the Flywheel model for non-profit sustainability while growing their community of advocates.

Katie vogel gd 3.14.19 jpeg

Katie Vogel

Community Planning, Engagement, Media, Offline Events

Katie Vogel is a community planner, and an audience consultant for a variety of enterprises including Detour Detroit, a Detroit-based media startup. In 2015, she co-founded Havayah, Cincinnati’s only urban, egalitarian Jewish community. It has since grown from eight people around a dinner table to a community of over 300 individuals, and a weekly newsletter, “The Internet Shtetl,” that reaches over 2,000 individuals. A passionate connector, Vogel ignites Havayah with informal gatherings, educational programs, offline events and a radical imagination of what newsletters should accomplish.

Kaliah ware

Kailah Ware

Photography, Filmmaking, Design

An emerging mixed-media artist and former People’s Liberty grantee, Kailah Ware values community and connectivity as driving forces behind her photography and film projects. Ware also sources social themes of diversity and inclusivity via 1DegreeOf Separation, a mixed-media installation that ignites the common people and everyday places of Greater Cincinnati via crowd-sourced images.

Kevin white

Kevin White

Found Object Sculpture

Kevin White is an artist working at the studios of Visionaries + Voices, an inclusive arts organization providing representation and professional development to artists with and without developmental disabilities. He sources inspiration from Australian Aboriginal Tribes in his use of colors and textures and dots and lines. White also incorporates pop cans, cardboard and fabric into complex, found object paintings and sculptures.

Alan wight

R. Alan Wight

Environmental Sustainability, Action Research, Community Supported Agriculture

R. Alan Wight is the School and Community Garden Liaison for the University of Cincinnati and an Assistant Professor at The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Alan works with communities and schools to plant edible forest gardens. His research and advocacy agendas focus on raising people’s food and ecological consciousness via dialogues about the personal health, economic and larger ecological implications of our food system. Alan’s recent publications include: A Cincinnati Farming and Food History; Who is Training Farmers in the CORV Foodshed, 2018 Green Cincinnati Plan - Food Chapter Introduction, and Ecology, Energy, and Alternative Agriculture: A New Synthesis. His recent community and food asset maps include: Walnut Hills, Madisonville, Covington’s Westside, and Camp Washington. His dissertation examines the types of learning and education that occur within the context of Community Supported Agriculture Programs systems.

Stephanie wooten gleanky

Stephanie Wooten

Environmental Science, Public Administration, Food Waste Reduction

Stephanie is the Executive Director of GleanKY, a Kentucky-based non-profit connecting excess fresh fruits and vegetables with food-insecure communities through gleaning. She is passionate about creating an innovative non-profit model that can take hold in communities across the region. Stephanie and GleanKY have earned numerous recognitions including being named a Lauren K. Weinberg Humanitarian Award Finalist and a Kentucky Governor’s Service Award Recipient. Stephanie is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and Indiana University and has master’s degrees in Environmental Science and Public Administration.

Kate head shot

Kate Zaidan

Food Retail, Food Education, Community Education

Kate Zaidan is the second generation owner at Dean’s Mediterranean Imports in Findlay Market, a store started by her father 30 years ago. She’s the founder of Stir! Sharing Food, Sharing Culture Club, a community activation project ignited via cooking classes and culinary education sessions. Supported by a People’s Liberty project grant, Stir! continues to bring people together using food as a starting point for deeper and more difficult conversations. Via Stir, Zaidan continues to transform the concept of community cooking education. She’s also growing the Dean’s Mediterranean community by welcoming new immigrant cooks and workers to Stir! Stir!

Richard zreik

Richard Zreik

Entrepreneurship, Education, Innovation, Marketing, Venture Capital

Richard Zreik is a lifelong innovation catalyst as a repeat entrepreneur, former entrepreneur director at Keiretsu Forum Midwest, part of the world’s largest invitation-only angel investor network, and a corporate marketing manager in the automotive sector. He’s also the lead catalyst at innoVationGirls, a tech startup empowering young girls between the ages of 7 and 17 by building a marketing service around their unique insights. Zreik’s social enterprise goals for innoVationGirls are at the moonshot level. He wants to ignite the unique civic tech startup as an engine funding the education of future leaders as well as 500 women-owned businesses.