Good Discovery(s) Entrepreneur Rachel Felous on Improving Communities via Zero Waste Experiences

Jul 09, 2019 Rachel felous

All of us on the Good Discovery(s) team are still thinking about the activist, storyteller, and zero waste influencer Rachel Felous and her presentation, The Eco-Activist’s Guide to Everyday Zero Waste, at the March 2019 Good Discovery(s) civic design festival (GD).

Felous’ call to action for building a personal guidebook for creating, living, and working towards everyday zero waste remains a highlight across a day of workshops, panels, and brainstorms celebrating people impacting communities for good.

The GD team continues to collaborate with Felous, founder and CEO of Simply Zero, a platform for low impact living.

After collecting a baseline data set of waste generated and identifying opportunities for improvement at future events, the Good Discovery(s) team and Simply Zero are focused on making all our programs zero waste experiences.

We’re also excited to support Simply Zero as a 2019 market vendor at City Flea, a curated urban flea market in Cincinnati.

Partnering with Simply Zero helps GD stay true to our mission of building a tribe of artists and creators impacting communities for good. It also supports our values around advocacy in support of our GD tribe.

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