Good Discovery(s) Entrepreneur Tina Dyehouse on Improving Communities by Transforming Bureaucracy

Mar 10, 2019 Tina dyehouse gd logo 34.9.19

You may have briefly heard the name Tina Dyehouse. After all, she’s an experienced government employee working in Southwest Ohio and grantee of People’s Liberty, the Cincinnati-based philanthropic lab. You may have also read a story about her 2018 project City Ombudsman, a digital platform for problem-solving quality of life issues.

Dyehouse is one of 18 entrepreneurs sharing ideas, insights and inspiration March 26 at the Good Discovery(s) civic design festival (GD), a day of workshops, panels and brainstorms at Cincinnati’s Memorial Hall; celebrating people impacting our community for good.

At GD you’ll have the chance to brainstorm with Dyehouse and learn how to transform bureaucracy from a workplace obstacle into a creative tool for good.

“I’m excited about Good Discovery(s),” says Dyehouse. “I think it’s a genius idea and it’s going to be a powerful and fun day.”

You’ll leave Dyehouse’s session with new problem-solving insights to ignite how you create, live and work. You’ll also play a role in helping Dyehouse build the next chapter of City Ombudsman.

Join us on March 26, 2019 at Memorial Hall OTR in Cincinnati, Ohio for the Good Discovery(s) civic design festival. Head to to get details and tickets.