Join fellow artists and creatives at Good Discovery(s) civic design festival on March 26th. Experience a day of workshops, brainstorms and panels celebrating the people impacting our community for good. Choose your sessions and get inspired!

March 26

Good Discovery(s) Welcome

Welcome Networking / Creative Pop Ups / Coffee / Green Ballroom – First Floor

Thank You to our Sponsors BLDG and Fallon Thatcher / Strategic Communications.

Activation: Experience Your Social DNA & Connect With Your Neighbors - Geralyn Sparough, fiber artist, organizational facilitator and program designer; Shelter from the Storm

Join fiber artist Geralyn Sparough for a large-scale interactive weaving experience and interact with the Good Discovery(s) community via art, contemplation and wellness. Knots and cords will spark understanding of your Social DNA. The activation’s wood and webbing will ignite connectivity with your neighbors. You’ll leave the Social DNA panel with takeaway ideas of weaving a healthy social fabric between your business benchmarks and creative dreams.

Activation: The Welcome Project

Meet the women of The Welcome Project; a social enterprise from Wave Pool, a Camp Washington-located arts center. Interact throughout Good Discovery(s) with some of Cincinnati’s newest female residents. Experience their newfound fabrication and art skills cultivated at The Welcome Center. Learn how the Welcome Project women are using art skills and store management training to build new careers. Become part of their lives at an interactive, day-long station featuring hands-on needle felting. Take home an arts keepsake to remember your time spent with the Welcome Project Women.

Activation: Community, Conversations & Food: A Dean’s Mediterranean Activation - Kate Zaidan, Dean’s Mediterranean Imports

Purchase Dean’s trademark hummus bowls. Step up to the mic and take part in a brief food quiz. Join the growing Dean’s Mediterranean creative community and share what you put on your plate and why. You’ll leave with a new understanding of the phrase ‘comfort food’.

8:00 AM

Good Discovery(s) Morning Keynote

On The Side: Eliminating Grind and Igniting Insights, Discipline & Motivation from your Side Hustles - Sean C. Davis, senior software developer, Ample

Join musician, podcaster and software engineer Sean C. Davis for a keynote presentation inspired by all the artists, business leaders, designers and entrepreneurs balancing day gigs with creative side projects. Learn from a side hustler extraordinaire how to eliminate the grind and ignite inspiration and productivity from multiple projects. Leave the presentation with new tools for flipping the table and transforming the side project that ignites you to the core project that provides sustainable revenue as well as creative happiness. Anderson Theater – Second Floor

9:00 AM

Breakout Session #1

Breakouts / Brainstorms / Design Sprints / Panels / Presentations

Food Innovation Track: How Good Design Makes an Impact on Food Ecosystems - John Elleman, food photographer, Rachel DesRochers, entrepreneur, Jeffrey Miller, Fourth Harvest, Marlene Rounds, photographer, R. Alan Wight, University of Cincinnati, Tamia Stinson, The Style Sample

Take part in a creative meet featuring leaders from Cincinnati’s design and marketing ecosystem along with entrepreneurs committed to sourcing good design to make a positive impact on our food ecosystem. Gain insights on design from diverse innovators. Leave with new inspiration about the positive connectivity between design and food. Anderson Theater – Second Floor

Arts & Culture Track: Igniting Community and Connectivity via Asset-Based Creative Placemaking - Cal Cullen, Wave Pool

Join Wave Pool Founder/Executive Director Cal Cullen and the team from Heartfelt Tidbits, a Southwest, Ohio-based support organization for recent refugees and immigrants, for an interactive brainstorm on asset-based creative placemaking. Learn how Wave Pool is transforming the Cincinnati neighborhood Camp Washington through accessible art that becomes part of a community’s daily fabric. Take part in a design exercise and leave the session with new ideas around connecting neighborhood assets, the value of inclusive decision-making as well as a tangible tool for implementing asset-based, creative placemaking in how you create, live and work. Gold Ballroom – First Floor

Community & Wellness Track: How to Transform Bureaucracy into a Creative Tool for Good - Tina Dyehouse, City Ombudsman

Take part in a design exercise with Tina Dyehouse, a dispute resolution professional; experienced government employee and the creative force behind City Ombudsman, a digital platform for problem-solving quality-of-life issues. Learn how to transform bureaucracy from a workplace obstacle into a tool for good. You’ll leave with multiple conflict resolution tools for working through all varieties of bureaucracy as well as igniting how you create, live and work. Parkview Room – Second Floor

Innovation & Startups Track: Why You Need A Teenage Girl To Solve Innovation Problems And How To Learn From Them - Rita David, innoVationGirls, Richard Zreik, innoVationGirls

Ignite your creativity via a workshop with Rita David, CEO and Co-founder of innoVationGirls, and Richard Zreik, Lead Catalyst, innoVationGirls, a one-of-a-kind tech startup empowering young girls by building a marketing service around their unique insights. Learn the innoVationGirls model of solving innovation problems for corporate clients via teams of young girls between the ages of 7 and 17. Wrap the sprint with new insights and inspiration around design thinking. Better yet, you’ll catch a glimpse of a future with more women in positions of leadership and power. Studio – Lower Level

10:00 AM

Breakout Session #2

Breakouts / Brainstorms / Design Sprints / Panels / Presentations

Food Innovation Track: Igniting Food Innovation from Startups to Corporates - Kari Armbuster, Kroger Zero Hunger Zero Waste, David Curtain, Food Forest, Jeffrey Miller, Last Mile Food Rescue, Michaela Oldfield, Green Umbrella, Domonique Peebles, Brick Gardens, Stephanie Wooten, GleanKY, Bill Tucker, Flywheel Social Enterprise Hub,

Take part in a panel discussion with innovators building and supporting food startups and making an impact on both a local and national scale. Learn about Cincinnati’s deep roots as a food innovation hub via initiatives like Kroger’s Zero Hunger Zero Waste. Leave inspired by Cincinnati innovators igniting a new model of urban agriculture. Anderson Theater – Second Floor

Arts & Culture Track: An Actor’s Guide To Powerful Instincts - Matthew David Gellin, American Legacy Theatre

Dive into an interactive workshop with Matthew David Gellin; producer, actor and founder of American Legacy Theatre; whose creative principles were leveraged for the People’s Liberty project T2: Transit Theatre. T2 is an original ten-scene performance performed on the Cincinnati Streetcar that amplifies the community’s voice and redefines theatrical conventions. Learn new ways to ignite and unleash your most powerful instincts. Discover innovative models for building, sharing and trusting your bravest opinions. You’ll leave with a unique language of movement and tone that will impact your creative and work goals. Studio – Lower Level

Community & Wellness Track: Minding Your MOJO Is Not A Card Trick - Kelly Beischel, Dr. B. Presents

Experience Mind Your MOJO; Make Your Magic, is a deck of cards like no other. Deal yourself thought-provoking questions. Your payoffs are personal calls to action and an innovative understanding of games for changing lives. Take part in an interactive presentation from Kelly Beischel, founder of the high-performance coaching business, Dr. B. Presents, and a positive psychology life coach. You’ll leave the auditorium with new inspirations for your business, creative and personal goals and a new understanding of the phrase ‘magic card trick’. Parkview Room – Second Floor

Innovation & Startups Track: Building Communities & Launching Entrepreneurs with Bubbly Passion for Diversity and Inclusion - Morgan Owens, Morgan A Owens Brand

Experience digital marketing case studies and inspirational stories from Morgan Owens; a tech marketer sourcing her deep corporate experience to help launch young women entrepreneurs. Learn how Owens builds a community across multiple platforms to create and guide future influencers and makers. You’ll leave with new community building tools for igniting your me brand. Gold Ballroom – First Floor

11:00 AM

Lunch Break

Coffee / Creative Pop-Ups / Lunch Vendors / Networking

12:00 PM

Good Discovery(s) Lunch Keynote

Building Design That’s A Tool for Collective ‘Good’ - Andy Cluxton and Nick Dew, BLDG

Design/Branding is a relatively new discipline and Andy Cluxton, Director of Communications Strategy, and Nick Dew, Creative Director of creative studio BLDG continue to push themselves to figure out how to do it for the collective “good.” Take part in an expansive conversation about how design is evolving and what it means to design for good. We’ll keep our conversation flowing with brand, community and individual examples. We’ll also share a variety of approaches including engagement, smart strategy, identity design and action. Our end game is to better understand how identity design and staying true to our values elevate creative and lead to human-centered solutions. We’ll wrap our session with nothing less than inspiration for a new creative mindset for future generations. Anderson Theater – Second Floor

1:00 PM

Breakout Session #3

Breakout Session #3

Breakouts / Brainstorms / Design Sprints / Panels / Presentations

Food Innovation Track: The Eco-Activist’s Guide to Everyday Zero Waste - Rachel Felous, Simply Zero

Dive into a brainstorm with Rachel Felous, activist, storyteller and founder and CEO of Simply Zero, a platform empowering conscious individuals to love the Earth and make less waste. Build a personal guidebook for creating, living and working with everyday zero waste. You’ll leave the brainstorm with a new embrace of Eco-Activism and a new identity as a zero waste influencer. Anderson Theater – Second Floor

Arts & Culture Track: How to Ignite Your Creative Life with Radically Inclusive Design - Visionaries + Voices

Join artists from Visionaries + Voices, an inclusive arts organization providing representation and professional development to artists with and without developmental disabilities, for an interactive workshop on sourcing outsider art and radically inclusive design to solve challenges and ignite your personal and professional lives. Learn how the V + V concept of radically inclusive design can boost creative teams and enhance human capital and recruitment practices where you work. Experience first-hand how V + V can become a valuable resource for creative enterprises looking for unique creative solutions while making inclusivity a core value of their business. Studio – Lower Level

Community & Wellness Track: Why You Need to Refinish Your Creative Life By Designer & Furniture Reupholster Craftswoman April Culbreath - April Culbreath

Experience an interactive brainstorm led by April Culbreath, former Army combat medic, fashion designer, furniture refinisher and People’s Liberty grantee for Operation Comfy Chair Drop, an education series helping veterans experiencing PTSD and homelessness by teaching them how to repair furniture. Learn concepts around refinishing your artistic life and boosting creative happiness. Leave with new reupholster tools targeted on boosting entrepreneurial goals and innovative benchmarks. You’ll never think of furniture reupholstering the same way again. Parkview Room – Second Floor

Innovation & Startups Track: Connecting Communities & Radical Inclusion Via An Urban, Egalitarian Jewish Community – Katie Vogel, Havayah

Join Katie Vogel, audience consultant, community planner and engagement editor and learn new connectivity tools for building a community of advocates, influencers and partners. Gain inspiration from Vogel’s unique Jewish start-up, Havayah, Cincinnati’s only urban, egalitarian Jewish community. You’ll leave the session with a mind-opening understanding of community. Gold Ballroom – First Floor

2:00 PM

Breakout Session #4

Breakouts / Brainstorms / Design Sprints / Panels / Presentations

Food Innovation Track: How Emerging Environmental Scientists and Future Entrepreneurs Are Building Innovative Solutions Towards Waste and Recycling - Dustin Herrmann, University of Cincinnati, Shae Stanforth, Alexandria Nice, Abigail Wilson, Hannah Feltz, Teddy Moser, Environmental Studies Students, University of Cincinnati, Jenny Lohman, Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District

Interact with Dustin Herrmann, a research scientist specializing in systems ecology and sustainability and part-time professor at the University of Cincinnati, as well as emerging environmental scientists and future entrepreneurs from his enviromental studies class. Learn new concepts and innovative solutions towards building and implementing a sustainable food ecosystem around waste and recycling. Anderson Theater – Second Floor

Arts & Culture Track: Finding Purpose & Igniting Influence with Joy - Jeremy Gotwals, Holon Publishing

Immerse in a storytelling slam led by publisher, entrepreneur and musician Jeremy Gotwals. Share stories based on a creative career that includes performances on American Idol and MTV and opening for diverse celebrities from the Dalai Lama to John Mellencamp. Exit Memorial Hall with actionable insights about compassion as the source for impactful innovation. Discover the trend that a joyful career is more than checked boxes; it’s a lifelong journey guided by empathy for others as well as yourself. Gold Ballroom – First Floor

Community & Wellness Track: Seeds of Discovery: Personal Reconnection With The Natural World - Kaia Goodwin, The Abundance Box

Take part in an interactive roundtable led by Kaia Goodwin, founder of abndnce, a People’s Liberty-funded project involving herbal education and construction of modular gardens. Help build and test the concept of Seeds of Discovery as a process for igniting community health and creative impact. Leave with inspiration and takeaways on connecting more powerfully with your natural environment, even in densely populated urban landscapes. Parkview Room – Second Floor

Innovation & Startups Track: Why Impactful Change Demands Equity – And What You Can Do About It – Ramsey Ford, Design Impact

Dive into an interactive workshop with Ramsey Ford, design director at Design Impact (DI), a social innovation nonprofit, and learn DI’s formula for change involving Equity + Leadership + Creativity = Social Change. Experience DI case studies on social innovation. Leave with new insights around the transformative power of equity and ignite your ability to make an impact for good. Studio – Lower Level

3:00 PM

Creative Exhale

Creative Exhale / Interactive Exercises / Networking / Pop Ups / Green Ballroom – First Floor

4:00 PM

Good Discovery(s) Closing Keynote

Igniting Cincinnati’s Brewing Heritage Via Branding, Design & Master Planning - Erin Kessen, Senior Graphic Designer, NELSON, Steve Hampton, Executive Director, Brewery District CURC

Our first Good Discovery(s) festival wraps with a presentation focusing on the story of the Brewing Heritage Trail from vision to execution. Dive into a case study with Erin Kessen, Senior Graphic Designer in the hospitality studio at NELSON, and Steve Hampton, Executive Director of the non-profit Brewery District CURC. Learn how NELSON and Brewery District CURC are building a cultural trail that transcends beer and local history and focuses on different aspects of Cincinnati’s brewing story. Enjoy a preview of the first portion of the Brewing Heritage Trail prior to its April 25 grand opening. - Anderson Theater - Second Floor

5:00 PM

Good Discovery(s) Wrap

Cocktails / Networking / Green Ballroom – First Floor

6:00 PM